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El Quseir, Marsa Alam, Egypt


Egypt – a gift by the Nile River

Egypt – this country is known for culture and history like no other country. Home to the oldest and probably most impressive ancient civilization, Egypt’s 5000 year old temples and pyramids testify to the Egypt’s former heydays. Guests traveling to Egypt are almost always surprised: Hardly any other country offers a more diversified and high-contrast vacation than Egypt.

Geographically speaking, Egypt is located on two continents. The larger part of the country is located in North-East Africa while the Sinai-peninsula belongs to Asia. Natural borders are formed by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, and the Red Sea in the east. In the south, the Sudan borders Libya, and its neighbor to the west is Libya. Israel is the direct neighbor of the Sinai-peninsula. While Egypt takes up over approx. 1 million sq km of African continent, only about 4% of Egypt’s territory is suitable for agricultural use.

The Nile River used to be and still is Egypt’s lifeline. The world’s longest river is the source for a unique flora and fauna and has brought forth blooming oases and water-giving Wadis. Along the Nile River’s banks, the gigantic temples of Luxor and Karnak, and the burial plot for Old Egypt’s Kings and Queens were constructed. The Giza pyramids were recently named the ‘eternal wonder of the world’. Even nowadays, the architectural achievements of the ancient Egyptians constitute an enigma to researchers, and make visitors gasp in awe.

Egypt’s landscape mainly consists of desert. They are amongst the hottest and most dry deserts in the world. The “Libyan Desert” takes up approx. 2/3 of Egypt’s territory. This area, which is located approx. 300 m above sea level, consists of limestone and for the most part is covered by layers of horizontally bedded sediments. The desert located between the Nile River and the Red Sea is called “Arabian Desert” or “Eastern Desert”. Different from the Libyan Desert, the Arabian Desert is crossed by up to 2000 m high mountain ranges along the coast. The spectacle of different forms and colors, which can be seen in both deserts, pulls visitors in.
The Red Sea is a paradise for diving aficionados. Its clear, warm water, its wonderful bathing beaches, and its globally unique underwater world attract many visitors to Egypt. But the ‘other’ Egypt is worth visiting: bazaars and spice markets in cities and villages (which feature the Egypt-typical brown clay brick houses), a cultural discovery tour by ship on the Nile River, and the modern Cairo are looking forward to your visit.

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