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Morocco – a country out of 1001 nights!

The Islamic ‘Al-Mamlaka al-maghribiy’ means ‘the country of the setting sun’. But here it seems as if the busy hustle and bustle in the city’s streets and alleyways never cease. With its authentic oriental flair, its people, and the unique scents of its Souks, Morocco opens its visitors a door to another world.

As the western-most part of the Islamic-Arabic world, Morocco’s history was and is tightly connected with Europe’s history. Spanish and French influences are mirrored in language, culture, and architecture. Yet, Morocco has developed its unique character, which is significantly influenced by the Islamic culture. The UNESCO has already declared eight places as world cultural heritage sites.
Morocco’s climate is influenced by the sweeping Atlas Mountains, which cross the country from the south-west to the north-east. This massif consists of four mountain ranges: Middle Atlas, High Atlas, Anti-atlas, and Rifatlas. The Meseta tableland, Morocco’s Atlantic core region, is located between these mountains and is the agricultural core. Here the Moroccan’s successfully cultivate wine, citrus fruits, figs, olive trees, rice, sugar cane, and cotton. Located in the country’s south-east is the Sahara desert, which boasts of singular oases. The climate in the country of the setting sun is also influenced by the stretch of the mountains. The latter protect the country’s north from the dry Saharan winds while preventing low-pressure areas from getting to the south.

Morocco is one of North Africa’s most contrast-rich countries, and keeps fascinating with its diverse landscapes. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Mediterranean in the north, Algeria in the east, and the Sahara desert in the south, endless fine sand beaches, impressive mountainous regions with breathtaking waterfalls and eternal snow landscapes mesmerize. Even the vegetation is very diverse. Wide plains full of cedar trees and blooming orange and almond trees shape the scenery. Large, fertile fields are irrigated by wide rivers that end in the Sahara desert and leave impressive gorges there.

Alongside its culture and traditions, Morocco is a modern country. Its tourism infrastructure with its two international and ten national airports, and its 550 hotels with a total of approx. 100000 beds, leave nothing left to be desired.

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