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Sun, beach, and culture – welcome to the vacation paradise Tunisia! 

Tunisia stretches between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert, and is Africa’s northern-most country. Only 140km separate the country from Italy. In the north and in the east, Tunisia is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, in the west by Algeria, and in the South by Lybia. The summer months in Tunisia are hot and dry, and temperatures can reach a high of 45 degrees Celsius. The winter months are mild and rain-laden. Tunisia’s scenery is defined by very diverse landscape types. Beautiful sand beaches along the more than 1200km long coast of the Mediterranean Sea await sun enthusiasts from all across Europe. Located in the north are the foothills of the Atlas Mountains with beautiful, green areas and fertile valleys. The south is characterized by several different types of deserts and palm tree oases.
Tunisia’s fauna has some exotic species to offer as well. Small deer and wild boar find their food in the Mediterranean deciduous forests and bushes along the north coast and in the Atlas Mountains. Gazelles live in the adjoining steppe, while locusts, scorpions, snakes, and buzzards are more common in the desert areas.

A large part of the country’s territory is used for agriculture. In the north, mostly grains, citrus fruits, and vegetables are cultivated, and cattle are raised. Besides wine cultivation, wide olive cultures are typical for Tunisia’s landscape. The country is one of the most important olive oil exporters in the world.The tourist areas are located along the north and east coast, and on the island of Djerba. Most hotel resorts are under good management, and are built on ample grounds. Also, extensive sports, wellness, and entertainment possibilities are on offer. The tourist areas will excite you with lively hustle and bustle, Oriental bazaars, and the hospitality on display. During interesting excursions through Tunisia’s past, visitors can get to customs and culture.Throughout the course of history, the Arabs, Phoenicians, Carthagians, Romans, Turks, and the French erected impressive structures and left behind an interesting and lively culture, which is reflected in architecture, the numerous mosques, palaces, archaeological sites, and museums. Be enchanted by the beautiful beaches, the interesting culture, and the Oriental Flair, and spend an unforgettable vacation in Tunisia.

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