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Bulgaria – coast of the Black Sea boasts mile-long, golden sand beaches

Bulgaria has become a very popular vacation destination in the last years. The coast of the Black Sea boasts mile-long, golden sand beaches, which are inviting to youth and old alike. Teenagers appreciate the many water sports offerings and the famous discos. Golden Beach, Bulgaria’s Riviera, is the most popular destination. Older guests prefer Sveti Konstantin or its surrounding villages in order to enjoy the many wellness and health treatments. Sveti Konstantin’s mild climate together with the many treatments on offer is an ideal base for relaxation. Small children are well taken care of in the hotels and can spend their vacation bathing and building sand castles.

Apart from the coast’s beauty, the mountain regions with its national parks and nature preserves offer breathtaking scenery to lovers of the outdoors. Here, rare animals roam, e.g., eagles and red deer. The Strandscha nature preserve is located off the Black Sea’s south coast and also includes the mountain region of the same name. The Rhodopen, which is a mountain range in the southern inland, features numerous cave systems. Some of the latter are more than 2000 years old, and are connected with each other via small lakes. The Jagodina cave is interesting for tourists. Being about 10 km long, it is among the longest caves in the country and can is open to visitors. A stroll in the back country is worth a trip as well. The landscape is charming due to the woods and the fruit and wine growing businesses.

Bulgaria is also suited for people interested in all things cultural. Due to Bulgaria’s history, it is possible to visit antique Roman and Byzantine ruins one after the other. The city of Nessebar is worth a visit. Bulgaria’s population is as multifaceted as its history. Bulgarians and other Balkan peoples live side-by-side with Turkish people and Roma. Most people are orthodox Christians, and their churches can be found everywhere. Yet, one in ten residents is Muslim. The Aladja monastery is located only few kilometers away from Varna and Golden Beach. The way the monastery was built into the mountainside is astounding. Among other sights, the monastery features a chapel and a crypt. The city of Varna features the impressive Assumption Day Cathedral. Visitors can see its onion dome from faraway, and its interior is simply magnificent.

Bulgaria is a vacation destination for all ages and vacation preferences. Even when operating on a small budget, a vacation in Bulgaria promises to be anything but boring, as the cost-performance ratio is very agreeable.

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